Krystal Tower

v 1.0


Krystal Tower

minimal config

  • System Windows 95 or better
  • DirectX 9
  • processor 300mhz
  • 128 mb ram
  • 16 mb video ram
  • sound card if you want to hear anything :)

main screen view

Above requirements are enough to run game, game playability can be poor. At this moment Krystal Tower was tested on few configs, minimal to which i've access is:
processor celeron 700, 384 mb ram, DirectX 9, GeForce 2 MX200 - 32mb videoram, playability on that config is ok on 640x480 and 800x600 resolutions.

This game version is demo version - its only first world (30 levels). Full game will consist 4-5 different worlds it means about 150 levels. Now i'm working on graphics for rest of levels and finishing level editor which will be included in the game.